Piyush Dharnidharka

R&D in post-processing:

India's Mangalyaan mission costed almost 10 times lesser than the NASA Mars mission and yet was one of the most successful missions ever. The reason is simple. Being a resource competitive country, Indians have a knack for searching alternative solutions which drive down costs without losing out on quality. Since the last year, we have been researching on 3D printing, specifically on how to drive down costs while maintaining quality. 3D printing is a digital way to manufacture things, using a process which is both environment friendly and has a very low wastage of materials. 3D printing polymers is very cost-effective, however it lacks structural strength and finish severely limiting its applications. 3D printing metals is almost 100 times costlier, and only large scale companies are able to afford it. Our search has led us to develop a solution which makes the 3d printed products strong and consumer-ready at a fraction of the current costs. When starting a business in manufacturing becomes easier than IT, 'Make in India' can be truly realized.

Join our team:

We are looking for bright and crazy people to join our team. If you would like to do cutting edge work in the 3d printing technology, give us a shout at piyush@zaprest.com